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The Book

My Amazing Transformation of Love, Courage, and Wisdom

Marty Cole began his journey Sept. 17, 1953, when he was born in Santa Monica, California. At six years old, he entered military school, and from age six to eleven, he was verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically abused. Sometimes, he was beaten so badly, he bled. When he returned home at age fifteen, it was tough to adjust to home life after nine years away. He asked his father if he could get his own apartment. “No problem, son. I’ll get you your own place to live,” he said. And he did. Finally, Cole started living, enjoying the sexual freedom of the late 1960s and early 1970s to the fullest. Life was amazing. But when he was sixteen and eighteen years of age, two different men raped him. Later, he was diagnosed with cancer.


My Love Story: Book of Poetry

Marty’s second book, My Love Story: Book of Poetry, will move, touch, and inspire you to find your creative self through his wisdom. He wrote 110 poems in three months, feeling an extraordinary waterfall of energy flowing through him that was channeled from spirit. The book is divided into six areas of life: love, inspiration, gratitude, wisdom, joy, and peace.

By reading this book, you will understand the meaning of life and find the purpose of why you are here and what it’s all about. My Love Story: Book of Poetry is all about love. The book will give you a road map of experiences to teach you to go deeper into your life—to have the most creative life possible.

What this book is really telling you is to have fun in your life. It’s all about having fun. Whatever negative experiences we all have had, turn them into a positive lifestyle for yourself. We all have a choice—come from love or come from fear. Please spread love to yourself and others.

Love, blessings, and gratitude,

Marty Cole